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• When a service provided by Aspire Equine Services Limited (herein after referred to as Aspire Equine) involves the handling of a client’s equine(s), the client confirms that: The client is the legal owner/loaner of the equine(s) and is in possession of the equine’s Passport.

• The equine is used to being handled by people and is safe to do so.

• A member of the Aspire Equine team has deemed the equine to be safe, following their intro visit.

• The client has informed Aspire Equine of any known vices that the equine has, that may affect the safety of the Aspire Equine team members during the period of service provided (i.e. kicking, biting, rearing, bucking, barging, bolting, aggression towards other equines, difficult to catch, difficult to load etc.)

• The equine is up to date with an appropriate worming programme and annual vaccinations for flu and tetanus.

• If the service involves the riding of the client’s equine, the client confirms that all tack fits correctly and the equine is sound to be ridden.

• The client has appropriate third-party insurance in place for the equine (Aspire Equine has the appropriate insurance in place for all Aspire Equine team members).

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